Sandalphon Entertainment

About Us

Sandalphon Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based media company dedicated to developing and delivering bold and meaningful motion pictures and television programs in the U.S. and globally.  


Sandalphon was founded on the belief that great stories not only entertain but also empower and inspire positive change.

Primitive cave drawings, dating back to the dawn of mankind, show that we have always been storytellers.  In the words of philosopher Albert Camus, “Were it not for the storyteller, civilization would destroy itself.”  This is even truer today.  

The most accessible way that we experience storytelling is through film and television. Human beings want and need to sit in a dark room and share emotionally compelling journeys. It’s how we learn about ourselves, process our emotions and become inspired.

Because today’s audience has grown up watching movies again and again, on DVD and cable, they know story far better than the generations before them and are only fully satisfied by content that is fresh, groundbreaking and original. Sandalphon strives to bring these kinds of stories to the screen and reinvigorate filmmaking, evoking the renaissance of the 1970s, when studios dared to take risks.

Sandalphon, as an emerging leader among independent producers, will give audiences what they crave: stories that resonate deeply, speak to our collective humanity, illuminate the darkness, and give us a roadmap on how to live our lives.

The Sandalphon Name

Sandalphon is an archangel who is found in both Christian and Jewish literature. His messages and musings are said to come as soft whispers on the wings of angels. He is also a guardian over our fellow people and over our hopes and dreams, reminding us that our potential within is infinite and that we have the power to overcome our fears and realize our goals. 

The name Sandalphon captures the essence of our mission and conveys our message of unity, compassion, and the beauty of diversity. 


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